CARL provides three (3) levels of communication:  between the student, the school and preceptor. CARL keeps all the stakeholders fully engaged through the entirety of the clerkship experience. By electronically placing the curriculum in front of both the preceptor and student, deviations can be brought to the attention of the university. SOAP notes are graded on rotation-by-rotation basis, allowing for the feedback on the written communication of students and properly preparing them for the CS portion of the USMLE Step II. CARL adds value to the school and student by ensuring evaluations are sent and received electronically in a timely manner and course objectives are met on a weekly basis. By tying preceptors compliance to compensation. Everything is stored on the cloud or in CARL, meaning easy, perpetual access to important documents. All of the above leads to MSPE letters being processed quicker and Residency Applications out the door with ease.


CARL during Clinical Rotations

• Tracks students’ progress during rotations, monitoring time spent both at in-patient and out-patient locations.

• Captures patient, rotation, class and procedure data in a documented timeline.

• Progressive interval and summary record-keeping during the clerkship results in accurate student evaluations.

• Records information using a light-weight tablet that is easily stored in a lab coat pocket.

• Provides efficient and easy direct communication links between your Clinical Deans, Preceptors and students.

• CARL remembers ALL of the data when your Clinical Team is writing and editing the MSPE letters for Residency.