Because we believe in creating a better and more meaningful learning experience. CARL's genesis came as a means to capture and record a student's clinical encounter and how they process the patient encounter. From there, it became apparent that feedback and management of the clinical rotation from the clinical dean and clinical chairs created additional value for the student for the duration of their rotations. While this problem doesn't exist within a university hospital setting, it is very common among medical training in the Caribbean, Doctor of Osteopathy training, and extern-ships in a traditional U.S. medical school.

CARL benefits the university as much as the students. With instant communication, feedback on preceptor performance, and tracking of student submissions and progress, the school administration can quickly analyze where they get the educational value for their students. These insights can help impact not just the education, but the bottom-line as well as the reputation of the university.

When these three key groups are in sync using CARL, the residency application process becomes mistake-free and easy.

Powerful Connections

Students | Preceptors | University

CARL for Students

Students, as the receiver of the clinical education, recognize the huge advantages offered to them by the CARL technology:

•      Collects and aggregates clerkship data with unbroken chains of custody. Know when you did what   procedure and quickly access the outcome.

•      Receive individualized feedback from preceptors on a regular basis.

•      Captures patient, rotation, lab and procedure data in a documented timeline.